Behavioral Health

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    David Aziz
    Vice President, Integrated Behavioral Health and Enterprise Strategy
    LifeStance Health, Inc.
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    Erin Burke
    CEO & Founder
    Hansei Solutions
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    Michelle Feng
    Chief Clinical Officer
    Executive Mental Health
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    Sara Litvak
    Behavioral Health Center of Excellence
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    Morgan Matthews
    Vice President, Partnerships
    Connections Health Solutions
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    Amit Parikh
    Chief Medical Officer
    Bend Health
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    Arpan Parikh
    Chief Clinical Officer
    SOL Mental Health
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    Stephen Parker
    Behavioral Health Planner
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    Andrew Sfreddo
    Senior Director & Head of Behavioral Healthcare
    Blueprint, HCRE
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    Ben Spielberg
    Bespoke Treatment

Home Health & Home Care

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    Jeffrey Briggs
    Director of Intake
    Family & Nursing Care
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    Chelsea Chartowick
    Human Resources Coordinator
    Nascentia Health
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    Jaron Clay
    Vice President of Integrations
    Care Advantage, Inc.
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    Katherine Davis
    Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations
    Vesta Healthcare
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    Kristen Duell
    EVP of Experience and Innovation
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    Amanda Fabozzi
    Director of Clinical Transformation
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    Vijay Kedar
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Tomorrow Health
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    Jordan Kunkel
    Clinical Supervisor
    Healing Hands Healthcare
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    Lauren McRae
    Senior Director of Clinical Operations
    Innovive Health
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    Hannah Pearson
    Vice President of Account Management and Client Success
    Homecare Homebase
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    Chase Potter
    VP, Professional Services
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    April Stewart
    Vice President, Access and Innovation
    24 Hour Home Care
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    Emily Undajon
    Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations
    Right at Home
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    Maria Warren
    Vice President
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    Regis Zamudio
    Vice President of ElaraConnect
    Elara Caring

Hospice & Palliative Care

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    Brittany Chambers
    Director, Health Equity and Special Initiatives
    Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC)
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    Melissa Heiss
    Vice President of Hospice
    Jet Health
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    Drake Jarman
    Senior Vice President of Growth, Hospice
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    Vivek Mathew
    VP of Marketing
    Maxwell Healthcare Associates
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    Ethan McChesney
    Policy Director
    National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation
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    Jessica McGlory
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    Jason Parsons
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Blue Ridge Hospice
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    Hayley Powell
    Clinical Operations Manager
    PalliCare, Inc.
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    Amy Rose
    Director of Palliative Care Solutions
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    Anthony Spano
    Director of Client Development
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    Sonya Young
    Consultant III
    Kaiser Permanente

Senior Housing

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    Jamisyn Becker
    Marketing & Innovation Director
    John Knox Village of Florida, Inc.
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    Christine Boultbee
    Interior Designer
    Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.
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    Holly Case
    Vice President of Sales
    Retirement Unlimited, Inc.
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    Melissa Dillon
    Corporate Director of Memory Care
    Senior Resource Group
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    Kyle Exline
    Director of Operations Management
    Life Care Services
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    Megan Eyrich
    Corporate Marketing Director
    Baptist Retirement Communities of Georgia, Inc.
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    Aurora Griffin
    Investment Associate
    Torana Group
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    Courtney Hancock
    Vice President of Clinical Services
    Validus Senior Living
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    Casey Hughes
    Vice President, Senior Living
    Harkins Builders
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    George Kutnerian
    President & CEO
    Wellpointe Inc.
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    Rachael Laudano
    Executive Director
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    Courtney Lonseth
    Executive Director
    Spring Hills
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    Phil Lord
    Vice President of Operations
    Solera Senior Living
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    Clyde McGraw
    Vice President, Real Estate
    Sunrise Senior Living
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    Summer Menegakis
    VP, Marketing and Communications
    Compass Community Living
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    Amanda Navolynski
    Community Navigator
    Mary's Woods
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    Nicholas Richmond
    Senior Director of Life Enrichment
    Artis Senior Living
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    Nicole Rozsa
    Managing Director of Marketing
    Arrow Senior Living Management
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    Matt Sayre
    VP of Construction Operations, Senior Living and Multifamily
    Ryan Companies
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    Natallia Vittetoe
    Associate Manager of Customer Success - Enterprise
    iN2L + LifeLoop
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    Amanda Waggy
    Vice President of Sales
    Retirement Unlimited, Inc.

Skilled Nursing

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    Eric Clark
    Chief Executive Officer
    Crest Healthcare Consulting
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    Sarah Friede
    SVP, Recruitment Services
    Health Dimensions Group
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    Marie Lopez
    Nursing Home Administrator
    Juniper Village The Spearly Center
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    Cody Meenan
    Divisional Vice President of Operations
    Saber Healthcare Group
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    Steve Nee
    Chief Executive Operator
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    Kandis Poovey
    Vice President of Culture & Engagement
    Ignite Medical Resorts
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    Eric Rosenstock
    Managing Director
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    Aubrey Simmons
    RN Regional MDS Consultant
    Champion Care
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    Truman Vereen
    Principle Long Term Care
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    Andrew Wolak
    Chief Operating Officer
    Century Healthcare Consulting