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Who is a Future Leader?
In today’s rapidly evolving aging industry, opportunity abounds. The companies at the forefront of success, therefore, are the ones attracting and retaining their trailblazing leaders at all levels — grooming them, and listening to them. That makes the innovative talent driving the industry to the future more important than ever.
A Future Leader is:
  • A high-performing employee age 40 years or under shaping the next decade of care delivery
  • A passionate worker who knows how to put vision into action for the good of seniors and aging industry professionals
  • An advocate for seniors, and the committed professionals who ensure their wellbeing

Hospice Future Leaders

Hospice utilization is growing nationwide, and the industry’s future leaders are shaping that growth Hospice Future Leaders are those who are leading their organizations through the changing times, creating new partnerships that help keep recipients remain comfortable during their transition. With a strong focus on patient care, these leaders are building innovative business strategies, embracing technology leaders and working with third-party service providers to enable care delivery for seniors at a vulnerable time, thus giving support to staff, piece-of-mind to family and comfort to seniors.

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Home Health and Home Care Future Leaders

As health care increasingly shifts toward delivery in the home, home-based care industries are changing rapidly to address growing demand. Home Health and Home Care Future Leaders are those who are steering their organizations toward the next era of the industry. Whether working in the home or facilitating care capabilities as vendors, these individuals are embracing a new suite of technology tools and training techniques to deliver top-level care for seniors in the comfort of their own home, navigating new payment systems to lead their organizations into the future.

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Senior Housing Future Leaders

The senior housing industry is preparing for a demographic boom. As the business shifts and grows, Senior Housing Future Leaders are those who are guiding their organizations during these changing times. These individuals include owners and operators; technology vendors and other service providers; construction, development and design professionals; consultants; financiers and others leading the senior housing industry forward.

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Skilled Nursing Future Leaders

From addressing new payment models to complex care needs, Skilled Nursing Future Leaders are those demonstrating leadership within the dynamic skilled nursing industry. These individuals may be directly or indirectly involved in the business of skilled nursing from technology leaders and third-party services providers to professionals involved in construction, development, design, clinical operations and care delivery.

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Important Dates


Nominations open


Early Bird Entries Close


Nominations Close


Class of 2020 Announced

09/16 – 09/17

Virtual FUTURE Conference

Why Enter?

  • Showcase your organization as a supporter of innovation
  • Leverage the entry to highlight an individual’s performance
  • Provide industry-wide exposure to reward an employee’s efforts

What do members of the Future Leaders Class of 2020 receive?

  • Recognition on each of the respective AMN verticals and globally on Aging Media Network
  • A complimentary ticket to the HHCN virtual FUTURE Conference
  • Invitation to the exclusive Future Leaders Class of 2020 private dinner to network with fellow members from across the continuum
The Future Leaders Awards program is open to those under 40 years old in the following categories:
  • Home health and home care
  • Senior living and senior housing
  • Skilled nursing and long-term care and therapy
  • Hospice and palliative care
Who are the Future Leaders Awards meant to showcase?
The Future Leaders Awards showcase leaders with the potential to rise in the ranks and take on a greater role as an industry thought leader or influencer. The nominees should be those who have not previously received many, if any, industry accolades.
Who is eligible for a Future Leaders award?
We are seeking submissions from leaders under 40 years old, with a minimum of three years experience in a given industry, who are innovating and providing leadership within their organizations — leaders who demonstrate a passion for and commitment to the business of elder care.
I’m not an owner, operator, agency, provider or health system. Can I still enter?
Yes, we will accept vendor nominations in the various categories outlined. If you have further questions on what category is most appropriate for you, please email us at awards@agingmedia.com.
I work for a large organization or a franchise. Will you accept more than one entry for our organization?
Yes, we will accept a maximum of 4 nominations for individuals from any organization. Once the limit is achieved, any nominations received will be notified that the maximum number of submissions has already been reached for the annual program.
What information is required with my submission?
All requirements can be found in the Competition Details. All information provided may be published or used as part of the awards program. Do not submit private information or any information that you do not have permission to share publicly.
Are these awards for individuals working in the ‘for-profit’ sector only?
No, we encourage those working in either non-profit or public / governmental agencies to apply as well.
Can a group of individuals be nominated together?
No. We are looking to highlight individual contributions.
Can I enter if I’ve received other industry recognition and honors for work in my field?
Yes, but we encourage submissions for individuals who may not have previously received other awards or accolades.
Do I need to be a company founder or “entrepreneurial“ to apply?
No. We encourage everyone to participate who has demonstrable leadership experience, and who meets the overall criteria to apply for the awards.
We are a startup/small business. Can we nominate someone from our C-suite?
Yes, as long as the individual fits the criteria.
Am I eligible even if I work at an organization outside the United States?
Yes, we accept submissions from those working at organizations outside of the United States.
How much does it cost to enter the awards program?
  • Early bird entries cost $400 USD through May 31, 2020
  • Entries submitted from June 1 to June 30, 2020 are $500 USD

Payment method is by credit card only. Failure to pay the entry fee will prohibit consideration for the application to the Future Leaders Awards program

Who makes the final selection of the members of the Future Leaders Class of 2020?
The editorial team for each appropriate Aging Media Network vertical — Home Health Care News, Hospice News, Senior Housing News, Skilled Nursing News — reviews and determines the Future Leaders class for each respective industry.
Will I know who evaluated and voted for each nomination?
No. The evaluation process is confidential.
Can I review the submissions and scores of the entire applicant pool?
No. All submissions are confidential and submission data is not shared.
What do I receive as a member of the Future Leaders Class of 2020?

Members of the Class will receive:

  • Recognition from Aging Media and each of its relevant publications
  • A complimentary ticket to the HHCN virtual FUTURE Conference
  • Invitation to the exclusive Future Leaders Class of 2020 private dinner to network with fellow members from across the continuum
  • Editorial opportunities for interviews with Editors from each respective AMN vertical
Where are the official rules?
Who do I contact with additional questions?